“After Earth” will have you begging for the end

Will Smith is a truly creative mind eager to not only exercise his abilities, but to grow them in the meantime. This is the reason this clip, coming straight from a teething ring, can make a mop drying in the corner more entertaining to watch.

Throughout the movie there are two moods; Will is in absolute control and Jaden worries. If these two moods suit you for an enjoyable period of staring at a screen, I definitely recommend seeing this show. If not, save your money and your irreplaceable time by getting a movie of another flavor.

Will Smith is in the top five of my favorite actors, but this one didn’t come close to cutting the butter. For some unknown reason, Will and Jaden both have changed their enunciation in the way they deliver and it seems unnatural, as if they are regressing in the articulation of their language. 

Better luck next time, Will and keep Jaden attending his acting lessons. It’s starting to pay off.

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