“Monster House” gives Monster dreams

This movie has some super cast members including Steve Buscemi as the teen in this (2006) middle school thriller. Kevin James, Nick Cannon, Fred Willard and Catherine O’Hara, are also thrown in, just to name a few of the fantastic cast.

A boy spies on the house across the street, owned by a crabby old widower, making notes about the mysterious disappearances of the neighborhood toys. Never mind there aren’t any leaves on the lawn and it’s fall. In fact, Halloween is in one day and DJ’s parents are gone for the weekend, leaving him with a not-so-choice sitter, Zee.

DJ sets off with his friend Chowder on their own adventure when a gorgeous and intelligent girl selling candy comes to call and soon gets roped in to the fun. The question is, when this house is done, will there be anyone left in the neighborhood to tell the ending of the story?

This house is a hard 7 on the Ten Star Chart, but the suggestion to play this movie for elementary kids is not a good one. If you enjoy your child using the restroom alone, this movie is not for them as the impression of a dead woman is utilized, as well as extremely great graphics.

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