Starring: Thomas Jane, Bruce Willis, Ambyr Childers

Kelly (Ambyr Childers) and her friend go out for a few drinks. Her friend gets shot and killed by a drunken jerk and Kelly gets strangled. She’s programmed to die every day as the fantasy of someone else in a make-believe world where robots are made of human flesh to relive the same day over and over again for the sadistic pleasure of others. Kelly and other robots belong to this group until one day, something goes wrong and she remembers every time she was murdered.

Roy (Thomas Jane) is a cop cleaning up after things go wrong, but he vies for the past when he was a “real” cop. Throughout the movie he chews either a lit match stick or a put-out joint, it’s hard to tell which one. A sucker, like Kojak would have at least given the audience something to talk about when the movie was over.

Julian Michaels (Bruce Willis) is in charge of the fictitious world where people are allowed to enter and kill for fun without consequences. The majority of the movie he stands in the center of the room watching about fifty televisions screens that indicate his paying customers.

The days of the original Robocop are back with a bunch of wannabe actors who couldn’t act their way off a merry-go-round. Spook alleys have better actors who aren’t paid nearly as well while this movie has a cop reciting poetry, “Run rabbit, run.” They all chase a single woman with machine guns and bazookas across the city sidewalks, coming nowhere near their target. Our country is doomed if this is a reflection of our defense.

Every time someone mentions Julian Michaels, “Jillian Michaels” pops into your head. What in the hell possessed Bruce Willis to take on the name of a female muscle head? Why, Bruce, why? And why have the monotone voice of Stephen Segal throughout the movie? Is this supposed to be callous and unfeeling? It comes off as someone reciting memorized lines. The director should be sent to this make-believe world with a target-indicating bracelet.

In the end Roy saunters away with his joint/match saying, “Welcome to the real world.” The normal public would run from the chaotic scene, however these calmly about in various directions. The Julian, we suspected as dead, suddenly opens his eyes as if promising another terrible movie. But you know you’ll have a lot more promise of a plot, and better acting, from a video game.


The Voices

Written by Michael R. Perry

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton, Anna Kendrick, Jacki Weaver

Ryan Reynolds from comedic actor to zombie, super hero to victim. He does it all.

When Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) is released from an institution, and put in a real world situation, he gets a position at Milton bathroom fixture manufacturing plant. He has a thing for one of his co-workers, Fiona, and accidentally kills her. Jerry doesn’t tell his shrink, but she asks if he’s taking his medications. Taking them when he gets home, reality kicks in and he sees the heinous aftermath of murder. Fiona’s head tells him the medication makes things ugly, so he flushes the pills. Everything returns to “normal.”

Fiona tells him how lonely she is in the fridge. Bosco his dog advises him to stop, while Mr. Whiskers the cat suggests killing deliberately to feel better. Jerry kills Lisa, from accounting, after she discovers the dreadful scene and finds he must kill Alison when she arrives.

Confessing to his therapist, he takes her out on a deserted road, tied with tape. The doctor tells him hearing voices is normal for some people, but he must argue with them, rather than do everything they say. Jerry takes her home and the cops show up. Escaping through the ducts to the bowling alley below, he accidentally breaks a gas line that explodes upstairs. Trapped in a smoke filled bowling alley, Bosco and Mr. Whiskers argue about whether he should continue running or lay down and die.

Screenshot 2015-04-08 11.31.08In the end, surrounded by a white background, his pets agree he made the right decision. Jerry arrives in blue suede shoes, donning a matching polyester outfit. His parents and the three women he’s killed, dressed in pink and orange hip outfits are there. Finally Jesus shows and they all do a final singing and dancing number together.

Screenshot 2015-04-08 11.30.13While some people enjoyed Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction, the majority of the audience has a special flavor for film – The Voices fits within that realm of absurdity and morbidity for those who find death fun.

Both Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick’s efforts should have been used in a film to propel them higher, rather than take a break with this bizarre ridiculous lunacy. All-in-all this film receives a 4 out of 10 stars, but that’s only because of the acting. They should keep The Voices quiet.


When you have an ordinary girl such as Tip, who has trust reservations of her own, and introduce Oh who would challenge anyone without reservations, a terrific movie for kids learning how two very different beings can work together to accomplish something extraordinary. The interview is on Good Morning America with Steve Martin, Jim Parsons, and Rihanna as the cast.

Oh comes from his planet The Boov in order to find a place for his race to prosper. No one on his planet considers him anything more than an irritating loser, but when he manages to make friends with an earthling, they find they must work together in order to save everyone.

Screenshot 2015-04-07 13.05.15      Screenshot 2015-04-07 13.07.13

This movie was terrific fun for the family, however there were a few discretionary “jokes” that the movie would have survived without that would have still managed to entertain the crowds without having the rating lifted to PG.

The creators were Dreamworks Animation, creating a masterpiece of 3D art that flew from the screen in both colors and excitement. 20th Century Fox distributed the film after being created from Adam Rex‘s 2007 release of The True Meaning of Smekday, receiving a 4 and 3/4 star rating. He is an avid writer with a variety of silly stories available.

What does the rating of the movie stand at? 8.5. With the animation, story, and teamwork used to create this wonderful film, the potty talk was a bit of a waste and brought it down a little. As a mother, there are certain questions we shouldn’t have to answer and certain behavior we shouldn’t have to entertain from our children. Having them laugh aloud in public by repeating some of their favorite portions is unnecessary.

“No Good Deed” is exactly what you get when you pay for this movie

It must be said; Terri (Taraji, P. Henson), mother of two and caring for her children while her husband goes away on a business trip gets what she deserves. Not to say anyone deserves torture, but within half an hour of meeting the assailant Colin (Idris Elba) she confesses, within the first half hour, having met her husband at NYU where they both attended law school and she became a prosecutor at the DA’s office, in the homicide division. Really? Would any female attorney, who had won even one case, invite a man into her home with her husband out of town and the children she loves inside, offering him use of her husband’s clothes because his are wet?

An average woman should know better than this, but this woman has supposedly seen the damaged merchandise of circumstance. She’s either been very lucky with the judicial system or she’s never won a case and even passing the bar appears questionable. The makers go on and on about Terri’s inner strength in handling a situation she could have completely avoided by stopping to think, as an attorney might do.

The credit this film does deserve, however, is Idris Elba as the perpetrator. His role was cast so well it has the audience wondering how the writer and actor managed working the lines point on. This particular role could never have been cast better than Idris as Colin.

One final question is concerning her friend, the dumb blond real estate agent who hones in on Colin right away waving a checkered flag in front of him within the first five minutes of meeting him. Her anorexic body in exercise wear is only undone when she lights up a cigarette—No wonder this chick is confused!

I’m certain you’ll be shocked to discover a female, Aimee Lagos wrote this film, considering how poorly the counterpart women were portrayed as absolute idiots, when the perpetrator was dead on.

Will Packer, Producer; Sam Miller, Director; Glenn S. Gainor, Executive Producer.

Copyright 2014, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Inc.

On the thrill scale this show receives a 6, but that’s only because of the actors’ portrayal. The writing itself was nothing less than should be found guilty in a court of law for screenwriters.

The Imitation Game

Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, a genius mathematician enlisted in spy games by the government.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, a genius mathematician enlisted in spy games by the government.

As if Benedict Cumberbatch could play a dull row, he hasn’t yet. In this movie he outdoes himself again. As Alan Turing, the audience gets a fresh view of discrimination and politics taking full advantage of someone before destroying them. Based on a true story, Cumberbatch performs exceptionally, as do all the players in this film (except the children). Keira Knightley joins the ranks as his romantic involvement, Joan Clarke, playing his fiance in order to elude others of what is considered tabu in 1939, and still today. An incredible mathematician, the British MI6 makes Alan an offer he can’t refuse, and when he fails to play by the rules, they come to realize that his thinking process being so different from their own is exactly what makes him exceptional. They involve him in analyzing Enigma, a message system the Germans used during the war to transmit secret codes. By normal man’s standards, solving one puzzle would take 20,000 years by sorting through the process. With the code changing on a daily basis, this puzzle seems unsolvable. But by someone who thinks outside the box, as this promising mathematician, this is the perfect challenge for him. What he doesn’t count on is the challenge of being what comes so natural to others — an acceptable member of the heterosexual society. This movie is perfect for those who appreciate reality and dissecting humankind, along with the affects of selfish men when publicity and notoriety take precedence. I give this movie 8.5 Stars