When you have an ordinary girl such as Tip, who has trust reservations of her own, and introduce Oh who would challenge anyone without reservations, a terrific movie for kids learning how two very different beings can work together to accomplish something extraordinary. The interview is on Good Morning America with Steve Martin, Jim Parsons, and Rihanna as the cast.

Oh comes from his planet The Boov in order to find a place for his race to prosper. No one on his planet considers him anything more than an irritating loser, but when he manages to make friends with an earthling, they find they must work together in order to save everyone.

Screenshot 2015-04-07 13.05.15      Screenshot 2015-04-07 13.07.13

This movie was terrific fun for the family, however there were a few discretionary “jokes” that the movie would have survived without that would have still managed to entertain the crowds without having the rating lifted to PG.

The creators were Dreamworks Animation, creating a masterpiece of 3D art that flew from the screen in both colors and excitement. 20th Century Fox distributed the film after being created from Adam Rex‘s 2007 release of The True Meaning of Smekday, receiving a 4 and 3/4 star rating. He is an avid writer with a variety of silly stories available.

What does the rating of the movie stand at? 8.5. With the animation, story, and teamwork used to create this wonderful film, the potty talk was a bit of a waste and brought it down a little. As a mother, there are certain questions we shouldn’t have to answer and certain behavior we shouldn’t have to entertain from our children. Having them laugh aloud in public by repeating some of their favorite portions is unnecessary.

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