“No Good Deed” is exactly what you get when you pay for this movie

It must be said; Terri (Taraji, P. Henson), mother of two and caring for her children while her husband goes away on a business trip gets what she deserves. Not to say anyone deserves torture, but within half an hour of meeting the assailant Colin (Idris Elba) she confesses, within the first half hour, having met her husband at NYU where they both attended law school and she became a prosecutor at the DA’s office, in the homicide division. Really? Would any female attorney, who had won even one case, invite a man into her home with her husband out of town and the children she loves inside, offering him use of her husband’s clothes because his are wet?

An average woman should know better than this, but this woman has supposedly seen the damaged merchandise of circumstance. She’s either been very lucky with the judicial system or she’s never won a case and even passing the bar appears questionable. The makers go on and on about Terri’s inner strength in handling a situation she could have completely avoided by stopping to think, as an attorney might do.

The credit this film does deserve, however, is Idris Elba as the perpetrator. His role was cast so well it has the audience wondering how the writer and actor managed working the lines point on. This particular role could never have been cast better than Idris as Colin.

One final question is concerning her friend, the dumb blond real estate agent who hones in on Colin right away waving a checkered flag in front of him within the first five minutes of meeting him. Her anorexic body in exercise wear is only undone when she lights up a cigarette—No wonder this chick is confused!

I’m certain you’ll be shocked to discover a female, Aimee Lagos wrote this film, considering how poorly the counterpart women were portrayed as absolute idiots, when the perpetrator was dead on.

Will Packer, Producer; Sam Miller, Director; Glenn S. Gainor, Executive Producer.

Copyright 2014, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Inc.

On the thrill scale this show receives a 6, but that’s only because of the actors’ portrayal. The writing itself was nothing less than should be found guilty in a court of law for screenwriters.

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