Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Conquers More

When Guardians of the Galaxy 2 came out, the ticket booths were ready and the fans couldn’t wait for the twisted and comical behavior of this cast of characters. The theaters were packed, and the laughter was contagious right through to the end of the credits.

Star-Lord, or as his friends call him Peter Quill, conquered the battles of the past. He has no idea the biggest and baddest battle of them all is just over the horizon–his testosterone-driven father, Ego. While Ego is pleased with Peter and his undiscovered attributes, he hasn’t finished showing him all the glories that come from his genes. (Not jeans.) And as the story comes around full-circle, many other mysteries come to light. Will Peter ever declare his love for Gamora, or will her sister rue the day? Will Drax fall for someone even more simple-minded than himself, or is finding someone that dense possible? Will Rocket lose his patience with Baby Groot and turn those baby blues gray?

The best news is that no matter who dies, falls in love, or goes head to head against the dreaded Taserface, this isn’t the last story. Oh no! But not all of the characters will continue. So if you’re into this roll-in-your-seat laughter and you liked the last Guardians of the Galaxy, you don’t want to miss this one.

Directed by: James Gunn

Written by: James Gunn, and Marvel writers, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning

Core actors:

Chris Pratt Peter Quill / Star-Lord
Zoe Saldana Gamora
Dave Bautista Drax
Vin Diesel Baby Groot (voice)
Bradley Cooper Rocket (voice)
Michael Rooker Yondu
Karen Gillan Nebula
Pom Klementieff Mantis
Sylvester Stallone Stakar Ogord
Kurt Russell Ego
Elizabeth Debicki Ayesha
Chris Sullivan Taserface

On our scale, this film rates a solid 9