Monsters Me, Monsters U

Billy Crystal and John Goodman are inseparable as the comedic team of Mike and Sully in this children’s feature film. Helen Mirren and Steve Buscemi are terrific accomplices, however this film seems to lack the unexpected comedic play the characters derived from each other in the first family favorite, Monsters Inc.  It seems like the producers were anxious to get another movie out while the title was hot.

This picks up before Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan meet, when Randall Boggs’ is Mike’s unlikely roomy. Mike is the studious book-smart geek and Sully is the jock that slides through on skill. When the two join forces, they are given an ultimatum by Dean Hardscrabble to win the Scare Games in order to keep the entire fraternity active in the Scaring Program. If they don’t win, Mike has to leave the campus with his tail between his legs. Okay, he doesn’t have a tail. That would make him look weird, but you get the picture.

The thing about this movie is it’s a kid’s movie, right? Funny and upbeat. However this movie mistakenly has more downsides than upsides to it throughout. Even though they make a failing attempt to make the downbeats funny, it pulls away from the story.

Please make another, Dan Scanlon, but concentrate on getting the story right instead of cashing in on the name.

On the Ten-Star System, this flick gets between a six and a seven, mostly because all of the ruckus riled the audience just to let them down after they’d purchased their tickets.