“Toy Story 3” stays out of the Toybox

There comes a day when every kid outgrows his favorite toys, but what happens to them then? Nobody could imagine what these toys go through trying to avoid the unthinkable–being forgotten. When Andy heads to college, his mother tells them to donate his toys, but Woody, Buzz, and friends end up finding out there’s more to being loved than commitment to one boy.

Join Tom Hanks Tim Allen, and a host of other well-known voices as this story manages to captivate the audience for yet another tale in the life of toys unseen by humans in this terrific film adults can enjoy with their children.

This movie receives a 7 on the Ten Star chart, even though Barbie is able to find her one true love for keeps and the Potato Heads adopt the kids they never had.


“Monster House” gives Monster dreams

This movie has some super cast members including Steve Buscemi as the teen in this (2006) middle school thriller. Kevin James, Nick Cannon, Fred Willard and Catherine O’Hara, are also thrown in, just to name a few of the fantastic cast.

A boy spies on the house across the street, owned by a crabby old widower, making notes about the mysterious disappearances of the neighborhood toys. Never mind there aren’t any leaves on the lawn and it’s fall. In fact, Halloween is in one day and DJ’s parents are gone for the weekend, leaving him with a not-so-choice sitter, Zee.

DJ sets off with his friend Chowder on their own adventure when a gorgeous and intelligent girl selling candy comes to call and soon gets roped in to the fun. The question is, when this house is done, will there be anyone left in the neighborhood to tell the ending of the story?

This house is a hard 7 on the Ten Star Chart, but the suggestion to play this movie for elementary kids is not a good one. If you enjoy your child using the restroom alone, this movie is not for them as the impression of a dead woman is utilized, as well as extremely great graphics.

“Date Night” on YOUR date night?

Steve Carell and Tina Fey, hereby known as the Fosters, eat the same thing and have the same date away from the kids every Friday night. What a terrible routine! Until one night they decide to switch it up a bit. Little do they know the horrific happenings of the next few hours could devastate their relationship to the point of no return.

Due to some adult situations and a scene in a strip club, this isn’t a great film for little kids to see, but certainly entertaining for adults and older children. This movie receives an EIGHT STAR review based on the never boring, and always entertaining, acts of these two comedians. If every marriage could be like this one…


“Red” is a movie you can sink your teeth into

This all-star cast of Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, and Helen Mirren can only possibly be outdone by one thing, but I have never died and lived to tell about it.

Frank Moses, better known as Bruce Willis, lives in his blue house, with a sad blue interior, and everything, not short of the face on his watch is blue. He calls to speak with a social security worker about the growth of his avocado plant. What a sad life, right? Unless you expect the parting of the Red Sea, Moses isn’t going to let you down.

Have no fear because the reason this movie is Red is because it is nothing at all like the beginning. These actors play off each other so well you’d think they celebrated the coming of each year at backyard barbecues together, and the script definitely helps.

This movie is a TEN STAR film in my book, and I guarantee it  worth your time and money. If you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for?

“After Earth” will have you begging for the end

Will Smith is a truly creative mind eager to not only exercise his abilities, but to grow them in the meantime. This is the reason this clip, coming straight from a teething ring, can make a mop drying in the corner more entertaining to watch.

Throughout the movie there are two moods; Will is in absolute control and Jaden worries. If these two moods suit you for an enjoyable period of staring at a screen, I definitely recommend seeing this show. If not, save your money and your irreplaceable time by getting a movie of another flavor.

Will Smith is in the top five of my favorite actors, but this one didn’t come close to cutting the butter. For some unknown reason, Will and Jaden both have changed their enunciation in the way they deliver and it seems unnatural, as if they are regressing in the articulation of their language. 

Better luck next time, Will and keep Jaden attending his acting lessons. It’s starting to pay off.

“Scary Movie V” — Scary there’s still a high demand (2013)

If the movies Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Saw can have five films, why not  re-heat popcorn and pull the gum out from under the table for Scary Movie V? While the first one didn’t cater to the stockbrokers in the entertainment field, this one will have the same crude, sexual, and drug induced affect. When you just want to laugh now and again over things ridiculously stupid, this is a good movie to see making fun of The Swan, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and other known cult flicks.

It begins with our two notorious ankle-bracelet media stars Charlie Sheen and Lindsey Lohan in a bedroom scene performing the unthinkable, has Ashley Tisdale flipping between rock star wannabe and Mommy Dearest in the center, and Snoop Dogg typing up the ends.

Three out of ten on our Ten Star Scale!

Welcome to “Hotel Transylvania” (2012)

When a vampire’s daughter turns 118, she’s ready to venture into the real world–the world responsible for her mother’s death. Horrified at the thought, her father attempts to deter her until the unthinkable happens; a human somehow locates the hidden away castle and enters during a party. Now the count needs to rid himself of the intruder before the kid manages to undo all of the preparations the father made to protect the one love of his life. But will he be successful?

This movie deserves a five star out of 10 review. Adam Sandler is a true stretch for comedy beyond ridiculously tongue-in-cheek, obvious and stupid humor, but he manages to crack the code on this Dracula character. Selena Gomez is his rebellious daughter, Mavis, eager to cut her teeth on adventure and Adam Samberg is Jonathan, the fly in the soup human.

Other cast members are recognizable heros of comedy Kevin James, Steve Buscemi, Fran Drescher, Molly Shannon, and David Spade.

This show is rated PG due to non-sexual, crude humor.

“Now You See Me” – Go See it Quick!

An incredible movie you’ll want to see twice. Prepare your mind for amazement and forget the magic of filming, but get lost in this astounding story where breaking the law is okay–at least in this sense. This star-studded cast includes Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Michael Caine, and Morgan Freeman.

You won’t believe your eyes! (I’m still trying to figure out how she escapes in those shoes.)

“World War Z”? Go back to sleep.

A fast-paced film with terrific actors, but then it does have Brad Pitt, and who could go wrong with the former Cool World star? The supporting actors are fabulous with their roles as well.

The plot? Ah, not so good. There are a couple of places leaving you scratching your head, like how a zombie manages to board a jetliner without detection. How many people did this zombie pass without eating anyone? And how long does a zombie wait in flight, quietly, in the attendants’ closet?

But if you’re here to see special effects, come on in! This movie will not leave you the least bit disappointed. They took their time in putting this together and had the cream of the crop in effects experts. Some of the realism had me scratching my head and trying to figure out how they pulled it off.

On a scale of 1-5 stars, although the acting and special effects were good, and you do not want a child to see this movie, I would give it 3 stars and wish Brad better luck on his next venture. (Psst, Brad! Take the Special FX team with you.)

“Escape from Planet Earth” causes us to want to stay kidnapped

Ever see an alien with brain-freeze? Brendan Fraser and William Shatner paired with Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker are an incredible support system for kids’ comedy. Don’t allow this to deter you from grabbing a bowl of popcorn and enjoying the show yourself.

Unlike a lot of “kid’s comedy” this has no sexual innuendos, or subjects to get your kids asking embarrassing questions afterwards. This is a typical sit back and watch two alien brothers realize that despite differences, they’ve always got each others backs.

A spectacular way to snuggle with your kid and have some fun and laughter.